C# | C++

Interaction System

The purpose of this project was to develop a system enabling players to engage with in-game objects. This system was integrated into the First-Person Interaction Demo I designed, featuring actions such as picking up objects, setting them down, opening doors, and operating levers. The code for this system was written in C# and is easily customizable to include various other types of interactions.
Keypad Door

The goal of this C# project was to create a working keypad door system that could be seamlessly integrated into any first-person video game. The script I created allows players to input a code into the keypad and indicates whether the code is correct or nto. Upon entering the correct code, the door unlocks automatically.

As the final project for my Programming Logic class, I developed a "tic-tac-toe" game. This project showcases my C++ skills, offering a classic two-player game where players can input their desired symbol placements. The program also performs the essential task of determining a winning sequence by verifying if a player has achieved three symbols in a row.
Save System

To implement an effective saving mechanism for my First-Person Interaction Demo, I developed a sophisticated system capable of seamlessly storing and retrieving data on the user's computer. This system is currently being worked on for another project and is capable of handling substantial amounts of information, encompassing crucial game data such as object positions, rotations, animation statuses, inventory items, and more.
Scene Loader

These scripts demonstrate my contributions to my Game Design and Production class project, where I collaborate with a team of 30 students to develop an engaging and immersive game. Among my contributions are a sophisticated level transition system, which enables players to seamlessly transition between scenes with fluid transitions. I have also incorporated the save system that I designed to store any necessary data.
Movement Controller

I developed an extensive C# player controller for a game I'm currently working on. These scripts encompass various functionalities, enabling the player to perform actions like walking, running, jumping, crouching, shooting, and teleporting. Additionally, they also incorporate nuanced enhancements in player movement, such as simulated breathing, subtle head movements, and landing animations. In this game, players can shoot a ball and effortlessly teleport to its location by simply pressing a button.