Favorite Projects

Design & Development


Given the task to create a game for the Digital Worlds Institute, I created this 2D adventure platformer inspired by Indiana Jones. The game features combat, puzzle solving, and an interesting narrative through the use of dialogue boxes. I programmed and designed the game from the ground up within one month. The project began by creating a comprehensive game design document which helped speed up development.
R. O. O. T. S.

Working in a team of five, I served as designer and programmer for this game. The project goal was to create and upload an original game in under 36 hours for the 2023 Global Game Jam. Together with a level designer, 3D modeler, 2D artist, and sound designer, we were able to create a fun and comedic game about a Roomba that wants to take over the world. The game was uploaded online and is available to download on Itch.io.
First-Person Interaction Demo

As an attempt to create a fully functioning interaction system, this demo was made to showcase the various mechanics of the system in Unity. I programmed and implemented it using C#, and also modeled, textured, and animated all of the assets within the demo. From opening drawers, to unlocking doors with keys, the system is useful for any first-person game. Objects can be picked up and placed on any flat surface, and the electric scissor lift can be climbed and operated.
Haunted Room

This is an interactive 3D environment that I helped work on with a group of 10 other developers, artists, and designers. The goal was to create a haunted atmospheric room with an interesting story behind it. As a part of the art team, I was tasked with modeling and UV unwrapping various objects such as the old piano and the cozy fireplace. The final product speaks for itself. It even has custom made music.

This adventure game was developed over the course of 15 weeks, had a team of around 30 people, and is by far one of the biggest projects I've worked on. During its development, my primary roles were systems programmer and producer. Working with a large team helped me develop my communication and collaboration skills. It also gave me insight into how to manage large teams and keep everyone on the same page. The game is available for others to play and experience on Itch.io.
Movement Controller

I developed an extensive C# player controller for a game I'm currently working on. These scripts encompass various functionalities, enabling the player to perform actions like walking, running, jumping, crouching, shooting, and teleporting. Additionally, they also incorporate nuanced enhancements in player movement, such as simulated breathing, subtle head movements, and landing animations. In this game, players can shoot a ball and effortlessly teleport to its location by simply pressing a button.
Tank Battle

The goal of this project was to create a tank game inspired by Wii Tanks and make it playable online. I plan to continue improving the game by adding multiple levels and local multiplayer. As of now, the game features tank combat and breakable barriers that allow the player to go through the level however they want. It is available to play online on your web browser.