Secret Portfolio

Unity | Blender | Substance Painter | C#


Given the task to create a game for the Digital Worlds Institute, I created this 2D adventure platformer inspired by Indiana Jones. The game features combat, puzzle solving, and an interesting narrative through the use of dialogue boxes. I programmed and designed the game from the ground up within one month. The project began by creating a comprehensive game design document which helped speed up development. The game is available to download on the Digital Worlds Institute page.
R. O. O. T. S.

Working in a team of five, I served as programmer and project manager for this game. The project goal was to create and upload an original game in under 36 hours for the 2023 Global Game Jam. Together we were able to create a fun and comedic game about a Roomba that wants to take over the world. The game was uploaded online and is available to download on
First-Person Interaction Demo

As an attempt to create a fully functioning interaction system, this demo was made to showcase the various mechanics of the system in Unity. I programmed and implemented it using C#, and also modeled, textured, and animated all of the assets within the demo. From opening drawers to unlocking doors with keys, the system is useful for any first-person game. Objects can be picked up and placed on any flat surface, and the electric scissor lift can be climbed and operated easily.
Game Night

For my Game Systems Development 2 class, I developed this project to introduce myself to WebGL games. By allowing people to play games directly from their browser, it helps easily showcase any project without the need of downloading anything. This game features a throwing mechanic and the goal of the game is to throw the ball through all of the hoops. It is available to play online.
Maze Race

This game was created as part of an educational demonstration for the Programming Society. The goal was to introduce Unity and project workflow to people with no prior experience in game development. Throughout the span of three lectures, I was able to create a multiplayer racing game in front of an audience of ten people. The first lecture was spent conceptualizing the game, while the other two lectures were spent modeling in Blender, programming, and developing game mechanics in Unity.
Tank Battle

The goal of this project was to create a tank game inspired by Wii Tanks and playable on a web browser. I was able to get this demo working in under three days and plan to continue improving the game by adding multiple levels and local multiplayer. As of now, the game features tank combat and breakable barriers that allow the player to go through the level however they want. It is available to play online.
Red Light, Green Light

This project was made by a team of three people for the Programming Society. It is a classic game of "red light, green light" in first-person. I modeled and textured all of the assets, while the programming was done by other team members. The objective of the game is to cross the finish line by only moving when the green light is on. If the player moves while the red light is on, the game resets.
Red Light, Green Light