More Creative Work

Blender | Premiere Pro | FL Studio

Chess Board

This video was rendered in Blender and features a looping chess board animation with chess pieces that I modeled and animated myself. The goal of this project was to create a seamless loop and introduce myself to the process of animating 3D objects. It was also to get a better understanding of how to light objects when creating a render.
The Backrooms

This film was made by a team of 6 people for our Design and Production Studio 2 class. The goal was to attempt to create a short film within a week. After storyboarding the film, one person got permission to film in the maintenance tunnels of our university the next evening. Since I was the director and production manager, I was tasked with casting the lead role. The next morning, I sent out a casting call, held virtual and in-person interviews, and found a great actress. We rented out the equipment we needed, shot the film, and ended up editing it together on time. Even though we ran into a lot of problems along the way, I am grateful to have had this experience.
Music Track

To get a better understanding of sound design and music production, I decided to learn about these topics by diving into FL Studio and creating a music track from scratch. This project proved to be quite a challenge as this was my first time using audio editing software. I learned a lot in this project and found the process of creating music to be very interesting.