3D Modeling & Texturing

Maya | Blender | Substance Painter

Shopping Cart

This image was rendered in Blender and depicts a supermarket floor. The shopping cart, as well as the wet floor sign, were modeled in Blender and textured in Substance Painter. The design on the wet floor sign was created in Adobe Photoshop, then later added to the sign. This render was made to get a better understanding of how light interacts with objects in virtual environments.

This object was modeled and rendered in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. The goal was to create a photorealistic model of an object and try to simulate a real studio environment with the lighting. The wrench was modeled after a real one I had which made the process easier as there was no need to search for reference.
Fire Extinguisher

The aim of this project was to experiment with different 3D design techniques. The fire extinguisher was created in Blender as the subject for this project. The text on the object was made in Adobe Photoshop, and similar to other 3D models I make, it was designed fairly realistically by looking through a lot of reference photos.
Hand Pallet Truck

This object was modeled in Blender and imported into Substance Painter for texturing. A separate, high-poly model was created and baked into the low-poly model to create beveled edges without adding more polygons. The hand pallet truck was later imported into Unity and turned into an asset.